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How can mobile app development companies help in the war against the Coronavirus outbreak?

August 11, 2020 by Innowrap Technologies ,Mobile Application

How can mobile app development companies help in the war against the Coronavirus outbreak?

How can mobile app development companies help in the war against the Coronavirus outbreak?

Covid-19 has caused havoc all across the globe. Every country is struggling against this new virus because there is no previous history about the behavior of it.

Scientists and doctors are working hard to develop a vaccine, which will be the last nail in the coffin. However, people from other streams are also contributing their best to keep the spread under control.

Software and apps can be a major contributor to keep the coronavirus outbreak limited. Various mobile app developers in Mumbai are engaged in software development.

Symptom tracker

Software developers are using their skills to develop Covid symptom trackers to find out what is the trend of virus spread. Also, the trackers assess the people who are at the maximum risk.

When the demographic details such as age, sex, zip code are filled along with the medical history and conditions, the app measures the risk.

Users have to fill the data by answering the questionnaire given in the app. Also, there is a daily update module that asks the latest information every morning (or the frequency decided by the user).

Since it contains the list of symptoms as well, the database becomes comprehensive.

The app can track the symptoms and alert them thereafter. Call a mobile app development company in Mumbai and get the app developed.

Automatic alert system

App developers are developing smart apps that can give you the warning if there is any symptomatic patient closer.

For the success of this app, users must fill the data accurately. Also, the app should monitor the physical location correctly.

So far, the alert system has been found effective within a closed group, e.g. a housing society or apartment.

Integrated approach

Experts say that app developers can be incredibly instrumental in keeping the outbreak limited if the apps work in an integrated strategy. Each app should be part of a wide and integrated strategy instead of fighting alone.

When different apps share data of their users, it will become easier to find out the contact history of a person. Thus, medical professionals will get time to do other important work.

So far, patient history shows that the majority of transmission occurs when the person does not show any symptoms. Hence, the early we track the movement of people, it is better.

A mobile app development company becomes a major contributor to humanity by developing these useful apps.

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