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7 mistakes to avoid while developing a mobile application

November 16, 2020 by Innowrap Technologies ,Mobile Application

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Mobile application have become part of our life. It is impossible to imagine our life without them. No wonder, mobile app development services are enjoying a gala time due to heavy demand. However, we should not forget that the mobile app development market is lucrative, but there is neck-to-neck competition also. Hence, every development company has to be always on the toes to improve the services and give something special to the user.

Well, you see new apps arriving on the scene every morning, but many of them do not see the next dawn. Why is it happening? It is because mobile app developers in Mumbai do not follow the basic hygiene of app development and commit a few mistakes that make the product less effective and efficient.

Here are top seven common mistakes.

#1 Not giving any value proposition

Every app should have some value proposition. If not, then it should at least provide a solution for user problems. If it fails at both fronts, then the app fails eventually.

Even if you put the best designers on the job or make it technically advanced; it will not succeed if it does not solve user problems.

#2 Making a mere copy of another app

Sometimes, android app development services do not put much effort and just create a substandard copy of some other existing app. It is needless to say that the app will not get much appreciation.

It is important to get the right functionality and make an app with a clear understanding and expectations. It should have a goal, values, and the audience. It should have the right functionality.

#3 Developing an app that does not meet the expectations of users

It is a challenge to attract visitors to the app. It happens only if it fulfills the expectations of the users and they give positive remarks about it.

From the first page to the last, it should keep the user engaged.

#4 Stuffing too many features

It is another common mistake. When a mobile app development company overloads the app with features that do not attract the user, it becomes a fiasco.

In the initial phase, it should include the most fundamental and essential features. You can add further if it gets a reasonable acceptance.

#5 Not doing proper testing before the launch

No mobile app development company in Mumbai will do it deliberately. Not testing well before launching the app happens due to external pressure. Sometimes, there is a deadline pressure. Sometimes, it is because of terms and conditions.

Regardless of the reason, it hampers the image of the developer.

#6 Delay in loading

When the app takes more than five seconds to load, the user loses interest and moves to the next app. Time is a crucial aspect. Hence, make the app swift and speedy.

#7 Cluttered screens

When an app development company in Mumbai, users find it difficult to navigate. After a few minutes, users get bored and close the app. You will not believe it, but it is a common reason people reject an app.

Avoid these common mistakes and make your app a grand success.


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