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5 Android App Development Hacks You Need to Know

November 10, 2020 by Innowrap Technologies ,Android Application

 android app development services

When you are a web application development company in Mumbai, you know the level of competition around. There are literally hundreds and thousands of app developers and apps around, it is very difficult to keep the attention of users concentrated on your app.

What are the top five hacks that you must know to remain the leader?

#1 Always pick the right tool

Mobile app developers in Mumbai do not need many tools to develop an Android app. You need a system, an operating system (it could be Linux, Android SDK, Eclipse, or anything).  They are all freeware, so cost is not an issue.

Setting up the development environment is also not a big deal. All software programs are installation guide that can be referred to.

#2 Pay attention to responsiveness and performance of Android App

The most irritating experience is when the app does not respond. Experts say that a website that does not respond within five seconds gets rejected by the user. It is so crucial. Therefore, the next important hack is to take care of the UX (user experience).

An android app development company cannot survive unless it is careful about performance and responsiveness. The reason is immense competition. You have ten other development companies offering similar services at compatible rates.

#3 Android guidelines for development are important

Google gives complete guidelines about intelligent app development using the Android platform. Experts suggest that one should follow it closely. Thus, users will enjoy using the app.

For mobile app development services, it is all the more essential to use the guidelines because they are designed to keep the apps efficient and consistent. It results in making the look and feel of the Android app as one.

Since the diversity and versatility of Android app are immense, it is particularly important to make them as per specification and guideline.

#4 Your app should perform consistently across devices and versions

When you run an app development company in Mumbai, you need to have awareness of the fragmented nature of the Android market with several devices and versions of operating systems.

If it does not, then it is difficult to maintain different versions for a different environment. It increases the cost of development, maintenance, and testing. the use of appropriate layout and font and assets will ensure the best experience.

Android app development services must know what users expect about the feature of an app. All your options need to get contemplated by the advancement in technology. It is a winning idea for Android app development.

#5 Keep pace with the changing technology

The speed of mobile app development is quite fast. After every few months, Google releases updates to the current SDK. It forces a mobile app development company to rework every app.

For example, the new version 4.4 Kitkat brought some basic changes in the design techniques. Thus, developers had to incorporate them into the apps.

When a mobile app development company in Mumbai keeps the app most updated, it can implement new features quickly. It sets a high standard and gets user appreciation.





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