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10 Android App Development Tactics That Will Help You Win in 2021

November 5, 2020 by Innowrap Technologies ,Android Application

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The year 2020 came with a big blow. Every country in the world struggled due to economic slowdown after lockdown. The pandemic affected every industry, and the software industry is not an exception to it either.

The impact of COVID19 on the software development industry is yet to come out. However, mobile app development services are coming with Android development tactics to capture the market.

What are top-ten tactics that should be considered by android app development services? Read out the blog and you will know it.

#1 Switch to new technology

Yes, you will have to be ready with new-age technologies like 5G. It will be faster and more convenient than 4G. It is essential for an android app development company to plan a strategy for migrating the existing 4G compatible applications on the 5G platform.

#2 Advanced location-based searching

With the help of modern technologies, it will be easy to optimize location-based searching. The apps will be required to modify all the devices.

More personalized services can be offered. Hence, it is a major focus area for a mobile app development company.

#3 Enhancement in user experience using AR and VR

More and more entrepreneurs will be looking at AR and VR technology to take the user experience to higher levels. It is the responsibility of an entrepreneur to increase sales and revenue by using AR and VR applications.

#4 Go cloud

Cloud technology is the technology of tomorrow. The development of Android-based cloud apps will take a big pace because of its unique features. Unlimited data storage and high safety standards make it an ideal platform.

#5 Ecommerce with new features

The rise of Android phones gave birth to new-generation eCommerce mobile apps that bring high revenues. The growing customer preferences for online shopping post COVID19 situation makes the future exciting.  

Mobile app developers in Mumbai will bring incredible features that are beyond imagination.

#6 Advanced IoT

IoT or the Internet of Things is a concept that has made a big impact on automation. In the coming times, it will be a part of Android App Development tactics because of its business potential.

IoT is a buzzword for commercial and household mobile app development company in Mumbai. Things such as digitally connected devices and voice assistant devices make it remotely manageable.

#7 Mobile wallets

Mobile wallets improve the business experience. While there are global players like PhonePay or Google Pay, there is still scope for smaller players. Enhanced financial transactions reduce manual efforts. No wonder it is in the list of preferences by a web application development company in Mumbai.

#8 AI-powered automation

Chatbots and other programs use Artificial Intelligence for analyzing and responding user queries. These automated systems are liked because of their effectiveness and round-the-clock assistance.

#9 Blockchain

Blockchain development is another ‘in thing’ nowadays. Using Android, it is possible to develop high-quality blockchain apps with advanced features.

#10 Distributed apps

Distributed data technology gives better functionality even when there is a network failure. It assures betted availability and data security. Hence, an app development company in Mumbai includes it in app development tactics.

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