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C# or C++: which language you should choose?

November 23, 2020 by Innowrap Technologies ,Mobile Application

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When you are an app development company in Mumbai, you have to know the different development platforms, their features, similarities, and differences.

When a development project comes, you decide about the programming language after making a comparison and analysis. Each language has unique features, strengths, and functionalities.

You are supposed to match and map them with the user needs and then choose the suitable one.

Take the example of C++ and C#. They have similar names and some common features. In fact, they sound so much similar that many people think that C++ and C# are two names of one programming language.

However, it is not true. They are different. Let’s know them further.


It is known as “C Sharp”. This general-purpose object-oriented programming language is more appropriate for backend programming.

A web application development company in Mumbai will use it in developing user-friendly mobile apps, windows apps, or console apps also.

It is declarative and imperative. And therefore, it is a preferred language of developers.

The language assisted the creation of the .Net framework. To make the code functional on a web browser, it has to be converted into .html. Also, one should be proficient in ASP.Net to learn C#.

The C# checking is done by the compiler. It is easier to learn than C++. Hence, mobile app development services find it more interesting.


C++ is a low-level, complex programming language, which is also called C with classes. It was developed for converting machine code after compilation. Later it was used for developing console applications.

It was aimed to improve the OOPS (Object Oriented Programming Stream) behavior of the C language. Hence, it introduced classes and objects.

When a mobile app development company in Mumbai uses C++, it is essential that there are experienced coders in the team.

However, it is a preferred platform for making web apps that demand greater speed.

However, its complexity becomes a hurdle in using C++ for web development.

Which one is preferable, C++, or C#?

When mobile app developers in mumbai choose a language, they are supposed to check several factors.

  • C++ is used when speed is important. Also, it is appropriate for projects that need more processing power, e.g., games or browsers.
  • C# is appropriate for backend web development or Windows software.
  • C++ is the best when an android app development company has enough time to develop. It is because C++ takes more time to master.
  • While working with beginners, C# is the best platform. It is a widely used language. Hence, the possibility of finding developers is more. So, even new development companies can also use C# comfortably.
  • C++ language needs expert, seasoned programmers who have spent years in the niche.
  • C# is a programming language that has become quite popular in recent years. Hence, when a mobile app development company gets preference from coworkers or employers, it is better developing in C#. You will get help and assistance when required.

Thus, it should be a rational and balanced decision to choose between C++ and C# languages.



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