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Difference between Original and Lite version of any App?

September 22, 2020 by Innowrap Technologies ,Mobile Application

  mobile app development company - Innowrap

Mobile apps have brought a revolution in our life. There is nothing under the sun for which you do not have a mobile app today.

However, there is a downside to the amazing convenience offered by mobile apps- the rapid battery draining of your cellphone. It is not a hidden thing that the normal versions of mobile apps are high in battery consumption.

The speed increases further when you use a 3G or 4G network. IT requires additional power to remain connected to the data network.

Every mobile app development company was breaking the head to find out some solution to this problem. The research was going on for a long time.  The two biggest challenges faced by mobile app developers in Mumbai are - slow internet connectivity and the use of lower-end handsets.

These two reasons caused maximum performance degradation. What is the solution for it?  Even the best mobile app development companies in Mumbai were struggling hard to find a breakthrough.

Finally, the developers have got the success in developing the ‘lite version’ of the apps.

These apps can be downloaded very easily on all Android phones. They do not need high-end phones or high data bandwidth.

What is the  ‘Lite Version’ of an app?

If an app offers dual versions, then you will see two versions in the app store. One of them will be prefixed with the word ‘Lite’. You will find that the lite version is more popular, and it has more downloads than the standard version.

All android app development services are now focusing on the development of lite version because they do not want to lose business just due to poor Internet connectivity or lower-end handsets.

App developers such as innowrap technologies want their customers to avail of the benefits of apps without compromising speed and performance.

There is no doubt that the lite versions have limited functionality. It is a low-featured app for low-capacity handsets.

If you compare the size, then a normal app sizes around 40 to 50 MB whereas the lite version sizes between one to five MB. It is quite an interesting thing for most of the users to use the Lite version.

When an Android or ios mobile app development company promotes an app, the “economy of scale” is important.

Lite versions are becoming rapidly popular. When a mobile app development company in Mumbai gets more download requests for the lite version, it ends up earning more profitability.


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