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Know why your Android apps crash?

September 29, 2020 by Innowrap Technologies ,Mobile Application

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What is the most annoying thing when you use an app? It is the crashing of an app when you need it the most. Sometimes, it does not crash but becomes frustratingly slow. Surveys say that users expect that the app should start within five seconds. More than half of people immediately exit if it does not happen.

But the fundamental question is why the app crashes at all? Well, there are many reasons for it. Do not blame the mobile app development company only. In this article, we discuss the most prominent reasons.

Inefficient memory management

It is quite important to make use of the memory optimally when you want the app to perform well. If it spins too many threads and starts occupying memory resources unendingly, it is eventually going to crash.  

The basic problem is incorrect coding. When android app development services think that they are the only memory users in your handset, they pay no attention to memory management.

The most commonly experienced thing is ‘out of memory’ error in Java when the app tries to load a big image or tries to process bitmap.    

Innowrap technologies is a renowned Android and ios mobile app development company that effectively handles memory management and does not let the crashing happen.

Poor error or exception handling

When you run the app, it is inevitable to have errors. An app is considered good if it handles all exceptional and error conditions well.

There could be a sudden API change, memory issue, or break in network connectivity, or there could be extremely slow data speed.

How should the app respond to these conditions? When it handles each of them separately and conveys the right message to the user, it means the app is well-written.

If it just crashes, then it is the worst thing that a user expects. A good mobile app development company in Mumbai would never do that!

Bugs in the production environment

Those who are acquainted with the app development environment know it well that in the best mobile app development companies in Mumbai, there are test and production environments.

The production environment is from where users download the app version. If there is some new feature added to the app with bugs, then the app will crash.

Improper optimization of front-end interface

When mobile app developers in Mumbai do not use resources effectively and the front-end is not optimized well, the app is bound to crash.

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