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At the moment, Android is among the most popular mobile platforms available in the market. With close to 85% market share worldwide, the Android Operating System dominates the mobile market.

Android keeps updating its operating system (OP) with newer and improved versions, primarily focused on business friendly features and enhanced security so as to enhance its android app development services. Various information and branding apps introduced on the android market offer information and assist in building a brand for your business, therefore increasing your credibility and spreading the word of expertise of your organization. They assist in creating a large user base for your app which in turn, creates more customers for your business.

An android application is the key to capture an important portion of the market which is increasing daily. It helps the business in reaching out to a greater number of customers through its mobile app development company in Mumbai like Innowrap Technologies. The business can also make use of features such as push notifications in order to inform the customers about upcoming sales, new offers, discounts and other incentives to entice them. It can also grab the attention of the users by aesthetically good looking pictures of the products.



Every android app development company like Innowrap Technologies that a developer comes across has a different set of requirements and functionalities. However, the android app development process is a mean of all stages that go into designing, creating, developing and post deployment of the said app.

Every great app that is introduced into the market through android app Development Company in Mumbai, first starts out with a simple idea. If you already have an idea in your mind with respect to creating an app, then try looking at the potential solutions that the app is answering. In addition to that, also try looking at the problems you might face when building the app. 2 questions that you might want to ask yourself before initiating the development process are: “Can the app solve ___problem?” and “Are there likely to be existing options that my application can outdo?”If you can answer these two questions in a constructive way, you are already halfway to your idea getting converted into reality. The next thing on your mind should be how your app can solve the problem at hand by itself, and how better it can do so in comparison to other options out there. The best option is to submerge yourself in understanding the solution that you want to place out there as an android application. With the conclusion of this step, you can move on with the strategy to create an app.

ideas from android app development company

With strategy, you will first need to create a plan- a blueprint that will give your idea some structure. Try looking at your competition and the number of downloads they have garnered over time. You can also look at the reviews in the App Store to know what are the common problems faced by people and other areas you can improve at. In addition to this, you can try understanding the company history of your competition, to give you a good idea of their applied strategy.
The best option though is to hand over this task of developing an android app for your business to an Android application development company since they usually conduct a complete SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) to give you better results.


A wireframe is a blueprint of the app- not specifically the User Experience of the app, although this may be a part of the wireframe. Wireframing will provide an end-to-end structure to the application. It will include tools options that may be needed for integration (like social media, ERP/CRM software, etc.) into the app, app features, specifications, and feasibility. This further assures that your Android application development company is in sync with your business strategy.


The front-end of the Android application development process is the first thing that your users will judge your business on. This is the stage on which the Android interface design team exclusively works. In order to make sure that all aspects are covered within the wireframe, the team will check and recheck all specifications. The designing is a stage where continuous coordination and feedback with your Android app development partner is the most essential.


At this stage, the Android app developers will concentrate on the user interface (UI) aspect of the app, where many techniques are deployed simultaneously to code the usability of the application.
Once the app is completely done and tested at the developer’s end, he/ she will deliver it for feedback. Since the Android application development process is based on a low-code approach, iterations can be made at any stage of the development process, which is an impossible thing when it comes to creating apps from scratch on some traditional linear platform.
At this stage, the developer will include features such as SQLite, navigation, use of intent, list view and collating all data silos to function as a single unit.


The Android app development process includes regular checks by the QA team at every major stage. Though most of the process is automated, developers usually ensure that there are no chances of bugs in the application. The Android app development service provider ideally includes this feature as a part of the overall process.


As the developer receives affirmation from the client’s end to move ahead with the final application for submission, the Android app development company will submit the app to Google Play Store for approval (if it is to be made available there as per the client’s requirement). The development company will create an account with Google that gives the client full rights to the app, which include rights to the software as well. This generally takes less than two days’ time. The major reason behind this being that Android app development is based on guidelines provided by Google.


Creating the app makes up for only 90% of the complete Android app development process. The rest is post-deployment.
If the client opts for post deployment services with the developer, the latter will be responsible for taking care of issues related to scaling the app at a later stage for more features. The client doesn’t have to go through the whole gamut of Android app development process again since the service provider will take care of it.



Our company- Innowrap Technologies, is an ISO, IAF and DAC certified global Consultation Services and Information Technology company with its head office located at Mumbai. We are just not only one of the best-known Android Application Development companies in Mumbai, but we are well known to live up to the expectations of our clients worldwide.

We provide comprehensive assistance and a comprehensive suite in the development of mobile applications on the Android Platform to all our customers. Our experts are masters in the field of Java programming and are capable of exhausting any challenge to develop a feature-rich android application for your business, the reason behind this being that Java Programming Language is used as the basic building block and backbone for Android Application Development that allows developers to program a comprehensive application that runs swiftly on Android mobiles.

No matter what the size or type of your business or the complexity of the workflow is, our Android mobile application development team will create a product that will exceed your expectations every single time.

Android’s wide range of libraries and a vast range of easy to use tools provides Mobile Application Developers with the resources required for an amazing mobile operating software to come up with rich and most efficient mobile applications. Our development team has complete access to technologies and resources to make use of in developing the most acclaimed applications.