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LTLK Connect

Electrical & Automation is a major business portfolio of Larsen & Toubro.

The app is designed to work with 3 machines

  • M-Power
  • Smart Controller
  • Solar
  • UX/UI


It allows user to remotely control the irrigation and various other functions of farming. The app was designed with scalability in mind, allowing the main user to assign controls to up to 3 more people for added convenience.



There is still a major part of Indian rural areas that lacks access to reliable internet connectivity services. Users no longer have to make long commutes to look after their yield, they can perform these functions from the comfort of their home. Farmers and land owners often cannot leave their crops unattended and require a streamlined solutions that allows them to travel to other cities and grow their business.


Innowrap developed an app solution that allows farmers to remotely control and monitor their irrigation systems. Since the app operates on GSM technology, the machines are equipped with IVR SIM cards. This means that users can operate the machines using a SMS messages, removing the need for internet services. Additionally, the machine sends confirmation messages through a sophisticated algorithm to notify the user when the assigned task is completed.

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