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Job Description

Job Responsibilities:
1) Develop and sustain solid relationship with multiple vendors/IT companies to ensure we get maximum quality candidates
2) Serve as a link between the vendors and the internal teams
3) Ensure clear understanding of client's requirements and undertake necessary actions to fulfill those requirements
4) Negotiating contracts and budgets with key vendors and meeting established deadlines for the fulfillment of each client's long-term/short-term goals.
5) Expand the existing portfolio by adding new vendors to the list
Job Requirement:
  • Bachelor’s Degree.

  • Thorough knowledge of basic software tools like Google Calendar, MS-Word, MS-Excel, PowerPoint etc.

  • Reasonable understanding of SDLC, IT, Software, Internet current/future/trending technologies.

  • Familiarity with LinkedIn.

  • Thorough understanding of the local consulting industry. 

  • Ability to articulate user stories and mapping documents clearly interpreting the requirements ready to be picked by the build team.

  • Ability to maintain a very high level of confidentiality.


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