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We are seeking a dedicated Golang Developer to join our growing company. They will collaborate with other designers to create compelling and eye-catching images and campaigns to increase our user base. As a Golang Developer, we hope you can put your passion for Golang Developer to create beautiful images and compelling content


  • Must have minimum 3+ years of experience in Golang developer role

  • Provable proficiency in Go programming

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  •  Experience of working in programming or information technology 

  • Attention to detail

  • Knowledge in Java or Python is recommended

  • Portfolio of work with examples that showcase technical skill

  • Strong analytical skills

  • Time management and organizational skills

  • Knowledge of Go templating, common frameworks, and tools

  • Experience working with a team

Key Responsibilities:

  • Implement Docker for smaller-scale applications that require simpler deployments

  • Employ Linux Terminal command structures to allow easy back-end operations for less-expert technical staff

  • Structure our user interface with React and ensure REST API access is available for enterprise-grade finance customers on-demand

  • Collaborate with other technical staff to ensure consistent and smooth DevOps workflows

  • Choose and implement other JavaScript libraries that will optimize performance without sacrificing security and base functionality

  • Manage multiple projects within reasonable design specifications and budget restrictions

  • QA design for errors

  • Implement feedback and changes whenever possible

  • Create visualizations that convey accurate messaging for the project

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