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Mistakes to avoid while developing Android and IOS Apps

October 7, 2020 by Innowrap Technologies ,Mobile Application

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Every second business considers the mobile app a goldmine because of its immense potential for attracting customers. With the smartphones becoming slimmer, sleeker, and simpler, it is sure that tomorrow’s business will be completely dominated by apps.

To revolutionize the business in such a way that it stands out uniquely and serves the customers better, it is essential to invite the best mobile app development company to develop the app.

However, there is an interesting study about mobile apps. Statistics prove that more than 75 percent of the apps downloaded from app stores get discarded by users. And it happens when companies spend heavily on marketing apps.

Why does it happen? It happens because apps contain errors and bugs caused by simple mistakes. What are they? The blog points out some of the most commonly occurring mistakes.

Not following design that supports all the devices

When mobile app development services start working on an Android app development project, they forget that the app is going to be installed in a variety of devices. It should work for all. It is quite difficult to make an Android app, but not impossible.

Developers can use a variety of ways to make the look improved.

Not spending enough time in research

The android app development company in Mumbai must spend time in research before developing the mobile app. It begins with deciding the primary objective. Once it is done, it should consider things like-

· What is the nature of the business?

· What is the target audience?

· What competition is doing?

· What is the USP or Unique Sales Proposition of the app?

Unless answers are obtained for these questions, a development company should never jump to the conclusion.

Not using the right UI design

User Interface or UI is the biggest pulling force of your app.  If an ios mobile app development company or Android developer ignores it, the app will not pull the attention of your potential users.  

Effective UI/UX design is the winning attribute. It attracts users, brings them to the app, and retains them for a long time.

The app development team does not put efforts into app marketing

Once you hire the best app development company in Mumbai and it develops the app that meets your satisfaction, do you think the task is over?

No, you are missing something important, i.e., app marketing. It is essential to retain the user base. There are many ways of doing it. You can send notifications or run ads. You can derive your personal approach. There is no fixed formula for that.

You can ask an expert if you do not know about app marketing tricks.

Developing apps that drain memory

The gradual loss of available memory by an app is called draining of memory.  It happens when an app consumes memory but does not return it to the RAM when the work is over.

A properly coded app frees it up when not needed. Incorrect coding is a fundamental reason. You need to be very much careful about that.

These are some mistakes that must be avoided while developing mobile apps.

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