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Advantages of native app development over hybrid app development

September 24, 2020 by Innowrap Technologies ,Mobile Application

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The last three decades were dominated by software applications, but in the last few years, a new trend has emerged that is mobile apps.

The small wonder, smartphone, has changed our lives. For every work, small or big, we have a mobile app available. Mobile app developers in Mumbai are constantly busy churning out new and exciting applications compatible with all types of handheld devices.

Several companies are 100% dependent on mobile apps and therefore, the app must work well.

Development companies like innowrap technologies strive hard to bring customized, well-developed systems that provide everything that exceeds the expectations of the client.

Two mobile app development methodologies are prevalent- Native mobile app development and Hybrid mobile app development. This blog describes the benefits of native development over hybrid development. Before that, let’s understand what they are.

Native mobile app development

A mobile app development company writes a native mobile app in a specific language for the platform. For example, Java or Kotlin are the native languages for Android. Swift or Objective C is the default language used by ios mobile app development company.

Native apps can be fully customized. Hence, they extract the full benefit of the native language platform. Most clients invest in native apps because of several perks available here.

Hybrid mobile app development

A hybrid software development app brings the elements of native applications and web applications. They are built within the shell of a native app and the web app in the core. The reason for its popularity is the capability of accommodating multiple platforms.

What are the advantages of native app development?

A mobile app development company in Mumbai uses an appropriate development platform depending on the need of the app. Native development has many positive sides.

· Flawless performance, fast operating speed, and smooth working are the prime qualities of native apps. Since the app is developed for the specific OS, it takes 100% advantage of the processing capacity of the device.

· Android app development services bring apps with unlimited possibilities. They implement a sophisticated user interface and design.

· Native apps provide faster navigation.

· Since they are specific to the hardware and operating system platform, native apps interact more smoothy with hardware and devices, e.g. camera, phone, touchscreen, and GPS.

The best mobile app development companies in Mumbai offer apps with better security and reliability after understanding and analyzing the requirements of users. In-depth research is required for apt development. 

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